A quick read on what is fueling the engine of growth in the Republic of Panama

  1. Global advertising and public relations campaigns have helped spur the growth.
  2. Howard Air Force Base a UK company London & Regional Properties signed one of the biggest development deals ever, acquiring the 2,747.82 acres of the ex-US Air Force Base with a plan to transform it into a multi billion business district with retail, hotel facilities, and approximately 20,000 homes.  It also comes with the second largest air strip in Panama.
  3. Political and fiscal stability and the mood of confidence with the new Government, President Martinelli at the helm.

    Construction in Panama City

    Construction in Panama City

  4. Construction everywhere, from Panama City down the Pacific Western Coast. Beach towns Chame, Gorgona, Coronado, Santa Clara and Farallon are being built out. The new Coronado shopping complex next to Rey’s supermarket will be finished late December of this year.
  5. New infrastructure is every where in Panama City, and taking place in most other cities. Along with most of the projects funding is in place and are moving along at a good pace. (Note: The current economic crisis may slow the pace of growth some, but long-term projections remain highly positive).

    Santa Clara

    Santa Clara

  6. The financial hub, Panama City, is home to the largest concentration of international banks in Latin America. Additionally The Panamanian stock market is taking off with significance. More and more companies, local and foreign, have begun considering it as an attractive option to  finance and expand their businesses.  For more on the Panama stock Market : panamaQ

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