Medical Tourism Numbers

PanamaQmagazine PhotoDeloitte’s research department has done a follow up report for 2009 saying less than 1%  of Americans go overseas for medical treatments.  Taken into consideration that the population of the United States is slightly over 300 million they translate that the adult population of 250 million.

Then their question is out of these numbers where do they go in the Global make up of Medical Tourism. Additionally the other part of the question would be what about other Countries and the number of people that leave for Medical procedures.

What has been extracted is that seeking medical care outside of your Country of origin the International branch of the Joint Commission, which accredits all United States healthcare facilities is recognized as the world leader in evaluating quality and patient safety.  This organization sets over 350 standards of excellence for international hospitals to meet. Resulting that the quality and safety of patient care, reflect, meet or exceed the AMA Guidelines.

Panama is up on the top echelon having affiliations with prestigious U.S. medical universities and hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical and the Cleveland Clinic.

For more information on this subject:  PanamaQmagazine


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