The Smithsonian Latino Center Honors Five Panamanians with 2009 Legacy Awards

PanamaQ photo

On Thursday, October 15th, 2009 the Smithsonian Latino Center honored five distinguished Panamanians for their achievements in the fields of art, science and humanities.  The award ceremony held in the Ripley Center in Washington D.C. is part of the year long program “Panama at the Smithsonian” which includes a Panamanian history exhibit, concerts and festivals as well as other activities.

The Legacy Awards were established in 2007 to honor those with Latin heritage whose work, vision and passion have contributed significantly to the culture of the United States of America. This year Olga Linares, anthropologist, Dr. Adan Rios, doctor, Danilo Perez, musician, Alfredo Castillero Calvo, historian, and Grace Y. Ingleton, community service, all Panamanians, have been singled out for this prestigious award.

Olga Linares is a Harvard graduate in anthropology and has been recognized for her archeological and ethnographic investigations in Panama.

Dr. Adan Rios is an associate professor in the School of Medicine in Texas University, Houston and currently holds patents on a method for the development of a vaccine against HIV in the United States and Australia.

Danilo Perez is a jazz pianist and Grammy winner.  He is the founder of the Panama Jazz Festival, the Danilo Perez Foundation and the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in Boston.

Alfredo Castillero Calvo is a Panamanian historian who has received numerous prizes in Panama and has multiple publications on Panamanian history.

Grace Y. Ingleton is a nurse recognized for her work in handling dementia and has worked with several community organizations such as Heart to Art  Inc. and The Dedicators Inc.

The selection committee for the Legacy Awards included curators of the  Smithsonian, scientists and researchers as well as Academic Institutions in Panama.  It was important for the Smithsonian to honor the accomplishments of Panamanians as next year marks a century of involvement between the Smithsonian and the Republic of Panama.

For information on Panama:  Panamaqmagazine


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