Rey Holdings Corp Receives a Double A Rating From Fitch

El Rey in Coronado

El Rey in Coronado

In spite of the reorganization it is business as usual in the Panama Stock Market.  One of the largest supermarket conglomerates in Panama, listed in the Panama stock market as Rey Holdings Corp and Inmobiliaria Don Antonio, has received high ratings from Fitch.  Rey Holdings Corp and Inmobiliaria Don Antonio have earned the qualification AA issuer (Pan) with a stable perspective.  The mortgage bonds of Inmobialiaria Don Antonio S.A. have earned AA+ qualification.

Fitch took into account the group´s conservative debt strategy, its healthy cash flow, the valuable location of all its stores, its competitive and well recognized product mix and the steady development of the supermarket business all set within the framework of Panama´s healthy and growing economy were the factors taken into account when assigning the ratings.
Rey Holdings operates the supermarket chains El Rey, Romero and Mr. Precio.   It currently operates 38 stores throughout the Republic of Panama.

For more info on them and other companies go to the Panama Stock Market:  PanamaQmagazine


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