Sectors of the Panamanian Economy are still growing despite the global slowdown

Although the economic crisis has had a significant negative impact on most of the pillars of the Panamanian economy such as the Colon Free Zone and the tourism sector, some areas of the financial markets in Panama are showing steady growth.   Fiduciary activity in Panama as well as the primary market of the Panama Stock Market have increased in both dollar amount and transaction volume as compared to their numbers for 2008.

The Panama Stock Market has shown significant movement and growth thus far this year of 2009.  Its transaction volume increased 10.2% as compared to this time in 2008.  The total dollar amount was $607.2 million.  Most of the amount corresponds to an issue of Treasury Bills from the Panamanian government totaling  $274.1 million, $148.4 million correspond to negotiable securities, $127.9 million correspond to bonds and the remaining $40 million are Corporate Notes.  The secondary market which is comprised of re-sales of already issued securities decreased significantly by 33% from last year.

For more information on Panama:  PanamaQmagazine


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