The Bay of Panama Gets a Clean Up

Panama Q photo

Panama Q photo of phase 1 of the new infrastructure December 2008

Finally the long awaiting clean up of the Bay of Panama has begun.  It is actually in its second phase. On Thursday, 29th of October, President Ricardo Martinelli and Costarican President Oscar Arias, were present at the inauguration of the second phase of the Bay of Panama Clean Up Project.  This project is of such magnitude that it not only includes the clean up of the bay but of the whole city.  Panama will finally get a clean bay with clean water and beaches.

This second phase includes an Interceptor  System for the East and West Sector of the City of Panama, a Residual Water Treatment Plant and a consulting service for project management.  This project should benefit the 1.2 million inhabitants of Panama and San Miguelito.

Panama Q photo

Panama Q photo - Infrastructure almost complete - January 2009

The Clean Up Project was started eight years ago and includes the construction of sanitary networks, the building and rehabilitation of collectors.  It is a complex project that will require the renewal and ramping up of Panama City’s entire sewage and drainage system.  The project is estimated to cost approximately 350 million.  In this second phase there are three companies building the different components, one of them being the Brazilian company Norberto Odebretch, who is also building the second phase of the Cinta Costera and recently delivered the first phase of this major highway.

Panama Q photo
Q photo – February ’09 infrastructure complete and new road system being built out.

Three generations back you were still able to grab your bathing suit and a towel and head out to Avenida Balboa and just go to the beach.  It is hoped that in a few years anyone visiting Panama will also be able to enjoy a beach five minutes away from the banking center and their Panama City hotel.

For more info on Panama:  PanamaQmagazine


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