Is 60 The New 30? Do You Know Your Biological Age?

Panama Q couple_yogaWe all know our chronological age, but are we aware of what our biological age really is? Not too many people do actually. Scientific knowledge has advanced to the point where this can be tested accurately. Once tested, the results will reveal what avenues can be taken to improve our overall health. You could be pushing 60 but biologically be calibrating at 72 because your cells aren’t getting enough oxygen, or your hormonal balance is off. The BioFit program has the ability to help you reverse those statistics, so that at age 60 chronologically, you are biologically at the age of 32, or substantially younger.

Getting proper exercise and eating healthy foods is the normal approach. What is missing is the accuracy of exactly what you need.

The BioFit Center and their well-qualified staff, work closely with your Doctors to fine tune the type of exercise, the proper supplementation and appropriate diet you need. If you added up all of the things you think you are supposed to do, and take to become healthy, from supplements like vitamin C to probiotics to flax seed oil, you have probably already spent a small fortune. Taking the guess work out of the equation, will actually save you money and more importantly will give you the results you are looking for which are to look and feel younger than your age.

Bill Cortright, founder of BioFit

Bill Cortright, founder of BioFit

Aging is an ‘Energy Production Deficit Disorder’. Biological energy production, on the other hand, boosts the cells of the body with vitality and better function. When do we start going ‘down hill’?

Most agree that it occurs around the age of 30, when metabolism slows down, weight loss is harder; strength often diminishes, as does stamina. It is a slow process not always experienced until you really feel like you are loosing your youth around 40. The sooner one takes the steps to better health the better.

The visionary founder of the BioFit concept, Bill Cortright, is an internationally acclaimed Wellness Coach and speaker.

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