Panama Captures the European Tourism Market

In a previous article it was mentioned that the charter season started on November 2, with charter flights direct from Canada to Panama with visitors headed out for the Pacific Coast beaches and the all inclusive resorts located there.  Traditionally Panama’s main tourist market has been the US and Canada however Panama’s Tourism Authority has long had its eye set on the tourist markets of Europe and the strategy applied seems to be paying off. Nine (9) new charters flights from Finland are expected starting on November 19th  until March 2010 as part of the third charter season.  The nine flights will mean 2,500 additional European tourists for Panama. The ATP, Panama’s Tourism Authority has this year come up with an aggressive strategy to make Panama one of the top destinations for tourists through marketing campaigns.                                                                      Mr.SalomonShamah, Director of the Panama Tourism Authority, indicated that the tourist offer Panama has prepared for the Baltic countries includes 14 days of beach, city shopping and ecotourism.  For the 2011 season negotiations are being conducted for charter flights to leave from Copenhagen, Denmark direct to Panama.  These flights will serve the markets of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and another is expected to depart from Saint Petersburg to serve the Russian tourists.

Panama’s positioning in the tourist market is solidifying and  tourism is quickly becoming a major source of income for the country.

For more on Panama:  PanamaQmagazine


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