Insurance in Panama, Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Part of a healthy lifestyle involves eliminating risks, whether medical or financial, from your environment. The Republic of Panama is one place in the world where tornados and hurricanes are not part of the weather concerns and rarely do earthquakes strike. Living here reduces weather damage and injury. Often people move into this environment and think there will also be no concerns about medical issues or property damage, but like anywhere else, insurance is a very necessary part of a healthy lifestyle here in Panama.

Hernando Vasquez recognizes that expats, as well as individuals who are considering making Panama their next home, need special assistance. He realizes that this particular group may have common needs, but they also each have individual needs and lifestyles. There is no one tropical lifestyle!

Hernando works with several insurance companies to put together a package to meet the needs of young retirees, older retirees, expats who are working in Panama or other parts of the world, and others in complex situations.  Just as there is no one tropical lifestyle, there is no one type of insurance package for an individual or family.

For more information on this:  PanamaQmagazine


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