Panama’s Government Leads in Technological Innovation

Another of President Martinelli’s campaign promises related to technology, for example free internet for all to bring Panama up to speed in the digital age. Creating a more technological customer service arm in public health institutions, less bureaucracy in government are just a few among others.

These are several things that must be done on the technology front and the institution tasked with spearheading and supervising the technological aspect of these projects is the previously called, Government Innovation Secretariat ascribed to the Presidency, now the National Authority for Government Innovation.

This past week the Government Innovation Secretariat became the National Authority for Government Innovation, a fully independent entity. It seems maybe a trivial thing but when you consider all the technology projects this government intends to carry out in public institutions to make dealings with the government easier, faster, and more reliable then this small change takes a front seat. It is specially important when indexes for ranking “international country’s” such as those issued by the World Bank take into account indicators such as ease of doing business, ease of paying taxes, time it takes to get documents from the government, etc.

For the rest of the article:  PanamaQmagazine


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