It´s Summer in Panama. What´s on the Agenda?

Summer is here but don´t think the beach or river is the only activity in Panama. In Panama many open air activities take place. There are open air concerts on the stairs of the Administration

Panama Q "The Canal Administration Building"

Building this coming 30th of January starting at 3:00 PM with national artists. At this same location on February 4th Richard Clayderman and Raul Di Blasio will be on stage together delighting all piano lovers. Tickets for the Clayderman and Di Blasio concert are for sale in Blockbuster. The stairs of the Administration Building provide an open air ambiance, with a soft breeze and relaxed environment for concerts that makes for a nice change from the enclosed, air conditioned theaters where most events take place.

Another open air event is the Panama Air Festival 2010 which will take place on January 31 at the Howard Airport. There will be airplane acrobatics by seasoned pilots such as Fred Cabanas who has three gold medals in world air acrobatics championships and will be executing three different acrobatics routines on his “Pitt’s Special” airplane. This is guaranteed to amaze. There will also be exhibitions and flights in ultralight planes, helicopters and all types of commercial planes. The show starts the 31st of January at 9:00 AM. Access is through the old Howard Airport Building and no entry fees apply. There will also be games and attractions for children.

For children you must hurry, until the 24th in Anayansi Theater in ATLAPA The Magic Disney Show is on. The magic of Disney Live is on stage. It is a magic show using props and the story line of famed Disney movies. The show runs an hour and half with a 20 minute recess. Tickets are for sale in Audio Foto´s Ticket Center.

In late February several concerts are taking place: on the 24th of February, Paulina Rubio of Mexico will be in Panama, and on the 28th of February Julio Iglesias. March 8 Metallica will rock Panama with their music. There is definitely something for everyone in the music scene for the coming months.

Early March also brings business with EXPOCOMER, Panama´s premier business fair. This year it will be held from March 3 to 6 of this year in ATLAPA. It is regional trade fair where companies exhibit their products to buyers from local and international markets.

This is just a brief overview of some activities in Panama City this summer. Check the newspapers and online to see what else is taking place that may be of interest to you. There is generally something for everyone and worst case scenario a cool drink on a warm summer evening out on a patio or a colonial plaza can be had everyday of the week.

For more on Panama:  PanamaQmagazine


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