Panama is the second pineapple producing country in the region after Costa Rica

Panama Q Pineapple's ready for export

Panama is like a huge tropical garden where you can easily pick the
makings of an exotic, fresh and sweet fruit salad. Just walk out of your house or
condo into the street and you will meet on just about every
corner little carts selling a small assortment of tropical fruit.
Generally pineapple, papaya, mango, melon, sometimes oranges and
watermelons.  These fruits are a staple in Panama during the summer
months and some of them are harvested throughout the year.

These fruits are now moving into the big leagues and their producers are
making a play for the export market.  In a small measure these fruits
have always been exported but now producers are trying to cover more
markets and to increase the production of these products so that they
constitute a significant volume of export.  In terms of the pineapple
production Panama has long been planting pineapples and has now reached
its goal. It is the second pineapple producing country in the region
after Costa Rica.  The time frame has taken Panama ten years of study and
duplicating Costa Rica´s methods to reach this goal.  It is still far
behind in Costa Rica in terms of production as it only has 7,413 acre’s
of pineapple plantations versus Costa Rica´s 103,784 acre’s
It is important to note that Costa Rica boasts DOLE pineapple
plantations while in Panama pineapple producers are independent growers.
Most of the planting in Panama is done in Chorrera where 3,706 acre’s
of pineapple are located and then in Chiriqui.  The MD2 variety is the
type that is planted for export for the markets of the US and Europe.

For more information on Panama:  PanamaQmagazine


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