Panama Boasts the Biggest Swimming Pool in Central America

Within a few months the biggest pool in Central America and the second biggest in the world will be open for business. Playa Blanca Resort and Residences, located in Cocle Province on the Pacific Coast, has mastered a monumental task in this creation. The pool is for those with membership in the Sea Club which includes the pool and other amenities. The other way to be able to enjoy this amazing pool is by becoming a property owner in one the new projects being developed in Playa Blanca Resort.

The Sea Club is quite unique not only because of the sheer size of the pool but it also includes an open air gym, two additional pools one on each side of this huge lagoon pool, a restaurant, a spa plus the possibility of water sports such as diving, kayak, sailing, among other activities. The Sea Club sits on a 6.5 hectare area that cost approximately $4 million to create.

The largest pool in the world is in Chile and is known as San Alfonso del Mar. The same company that built the pool in Chile, Crystal Lagoons, is building the one in Panama. They specialize in fresh water and salt water pools with technology that is characterized by keeping the water crystal clear for a much longer period of time so the pools don’t turn greenish and dirty as traditional pools do. Even with this advanced technology, the cost is much lower than traditional construction and is eco – friendly, requiring very few chemicals. Panama is joining the ‘green’ movement here at Playa Blanca.

Being the biggest pool in Central America, it shall take 12 to 14 days to fill with water pumps which pull in salt water from the sea 1,000 meters away. To get an idea of its dimension it is about the size of 4.5 basketball courts and takes 140 million gallons of salt water. It is two meters deep and has an artificial beach to on one side. It took approximately 18 months to build.

The technology is amazing and it is a rather large investment. This technology is also being applied in Dubai, Jordan and several other countries but for now Panama will boast the second largest pool in the world.

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