Panama Budgeting Thirteen Billion in Public Infrastructure

PanamaQ magazine

President Ricardo Martinelli’s administration announced from the beginning of his term a very ambitious infrastructure plan for his five years in office. To date just about a year since this administration took office about 3 billion of the 13 slotted for these projects have been allocated, meaning that the invitation to tender an offer for the work has already been presented and placed in the public portal, Panamacompra.

Some of the projects already underway are the Metro, Metrobus, 5 turn-key hospitals, several airports and highways. It is interesting to note that not all of these projects have gone through the tendering process. Although Panamanian law indicates that they must, there are some exceptions. An example of such is the $5 million for consulting to the firm Mckensey & Co. Additionally two contracts issued directly to Odebrecht without bidding: one for channeling the Caldera River in Chiriqui valued at $11 million and another for the second phase of the Cinta Costera valued at $52 million.

For the complete article: Quick Takes


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