Preliminary Results of the Panama 2010 Census

Panama Q magazine 2010 population

Preliminary information issued on May 22 by the “Contraloría General” indicates that there are 3,186,162 inhabitants in the Republic of Panama as of May 16th, 2010. This preliminary figure is well below the projection of 3.5 million.

A few days later the “Contraloría” issued more updated data indicating that there are actually 3,322,576 inhabitants of which 1,672,568 are men and 1,650,008 are women and there are 1,056,208 housing units. This census was for population and Housing and takes place every 10 years.

The previous Panama census took place in 2000 and revealed a total population of 2,839,177 versus the 2010 total of 3,322,576. This was less of an increase than expected. Predictably the most densely populated province is Panama with 1,63,913 inhabitants, followed very far behind by Chiriqui with 409,821. The province of Panama has roughly four times more inhabitants that Chiriqui, the second most population dense province.

The census that took place was a door to door interview and took place in all the provinces. The preliminary data indicates inhabitants and housing units per province as follows:

For complete info and chart:  PanamaQmagazine link


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