Bayside Center: Coronado’s Newest Jewel In The Making

Bayside Center has broken ground right at the beginning of Coronado. This new shopping plaza is setting a new standard in green construction as well as providing innovative business practices that allow local businesses to flourish.

Building from principles that honor the earth and ecology is putting Coronado on the map in a whole new way.

It does not seem that long ago that this seaside land was only just that, land. In the last 70 years Coronado has grown at a steady pace, not explosively like some resort towns. There is a settled in feel here and a sense of community and self-sufficiency quite unusual to areas outside Panama City. The building business, and all of the variety of services needed to make this area grow, is beginning to thrive. One notable business partnership is Susana Cheng and Keith Lam, as they have contributed so much to the entire Pacific beach area with their current store HIM, which stands for Home Improvements and More.

The excitement about the new project, The Bayside Center, is enormous. One of the first of its kind, as a green building project is attracting sophisticated businesses to participate in leasing space here and investing in the project as a whole.

The Center will have enough retail space to house many businesses, from architects to ceramic tiles to furniture. Being a ‘green’ site, power will be generated by solar power, the materials used to build it will be natural and non-toxic which appeals to more and more individuals who are conscious of the necessity to move in this direction.

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