Extreme White Water Rafting in Panama

White Water Rafting in Panama - Pan Am Publishing

White Water Rafting in Panama - Pan Am Publishing

For anyone looking for the most extreme type of adventures within Panama, white water rafting is sure to be your first choice. If you are currently someone who travels the world searching for the best rapids or someone looking to experience this type of adventure for the first time, Panama offers many different levels of rafting to accommodate everyone. The Chiriqui Viejo is the world class white water rafting river you will have the pleasure of tackling which is located near the border of Panama and Costa Rica. Here you will find some of the best rapids in the world and you can choose from day trips or 2-day camping trips for your customized adventure.

Although The Chiriqui Viejo River is about a 7 hour drive from Panama City many people complete this touring adventure within one day utilizing a 30 minute flight. This travel time is well worth the journey through the 128 km long river through the mountains and rainforest, scenery that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. Different skill levels are welcomed as well as satisfied by this river’s diverse options.

The river reaches its highest levels during the months of October – November which is the peak of the rainy season.

For the complete article follow the link: http://www.panamaqmagazine.com/rafting.html


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