Panama’s Caribbean Coast has a New Development

Caribbean Cost

Colon’s Fort Sherman is getting a tourism development. A 281 hectare parcel in Fort Sherman is undergoing consulting studies in order to prepare a master plan and a feasibility plan for the use of Fort Sherman’s beach area in the province of Colon. The studies are being coordinated by the Administrative Unit for Reverted Assets (UABR) and carried out by the firm C4T Tourism & Business at a cost of $266 thousand.

The studies will include details about a soil use plan, zoning and other elements that are important in urbanism.  This study will allow the best use of soil and spaces in order to provide the expected 240 direct jobs and 300 indirect ones.

The project contemplates a 200 room hotel plus other amenities for 2013. The consulting report should be ready within the next seven months. Once the study is completed the UABR expects to start promoting and selling the reverted area of Sherman as a tourism destination. In this area the company C4T is an expert with more than 21 countries having benefited from their studies.

The Fort Sherman plan is the spearhead of a joint plan between the UABR and the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) to put in use some of the land around the Panama Canal comprised of 4 thousand 925 hectares which have not really been developed so far.  This land is being considered as a prime area for companies that provide maritime, logistics and tourism services.  Specifically being considered are the areas around Fort Sherman, Fort San Lorenzo, West Corozal and Telfers Island.

As mentioned above the studies for setting up Fort Sherman as a tourist development on the Caribbean Coast are already underway and Telfers Island is being considered to set up a center for warehouses and product transformation due to its proximity to Cristobal and to the railroad.

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