Panama’s Metrobus is on the Way

One of the promises of the Martinelli administration was to improve public transportation. The Metrobus is the first proposal they submitted to this end.

metrobus -

metrobus -

The current Panamanian system works through independent bus owners who buy a permit to provide the transport service for each bus that they own. Many of them do not drive themselves but “sub-let” the buses to drivers called “palancas” who agree to give the owner a daily fee and anything they earn above the owner’s fee is their take home pay. The drivers generally work very long hours and compete fiercely for passengers. This system has led to an unreliable, disorganized, inefficient and at times dangerous transport system.

The process for this new transport system started as soon as the new administration took office and finally at the end of June 2010, almost a year after taking office, it seems that it is very close to becoming a reality.

For the complete article follow the link:


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