George Smith Coronado Ambassador

Anyone looking to uncover the history of Coronado will know the Eisnemanns.

First, Roberto Eisenmann Sr. also known as ‘The Five Star’, bought the land and through passion and determination made a dream come true. The manifestation of this dream to build a community was left in the capable and brilliant hands of Roberto Jr. (aka Bobby) and his dear friend, George Smith.

Bob Eisenmann began to sell some of his beloved land in Coronado and encouraged young George to join in the efforts. The misfortune of ill health befell Bob, and all gathered around this giant of a man before his untimely death. He left his son Roberto Jr. with his dreams of developing his Coronado. He began asking for George’s help, but he was quite reluctant and resistant to the idea. But, like ‘The Five Stars’, his heir had a way of convincing George that in the end became as irresistible as Bobby’s smile.

For the complete and fascinating story of Coronado then and Coronado today please follow the link.


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