Panama Bocas del Toro a Mecca for Science

Bocas del Toro is renowned for its beautiful beaches and crystalline waters. It has also yielded up a tiny slice of its history. Currently a team of archaeologists is studying a site they call “Sitio Drago” on which they have discovered archaeological remains that seem to indicate Central American tribes at some point settled there.

They have so far recovered thousand year old fish scales, beads made out of stingray needles, food remains in broken pottery, shell carvings and even a five foot long crocodile buried vertically. The burial mound seems to be for common burials as there are no offerings interred with the remains. They are approximately 1,000 years old with four caskets made of coral slabs.

The project is scheduled to end in February 2011 and is currently open to Panamanian students as well as international students wishing to finalize their careers with fieldwork. Those interested may contact

Bocas del Toro not only yields historical gems but natural ones as well for scientists. The coral reef’s are being studied by marine biologists. Students from Northeastern University in Boston are carrying out an investigation on white band disease affecting the coral called Acropora Cervicornis (Deer Horn Coral).

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One response to “Panama Bocas del Toro a Mecca for Science

  1. Wow I cannot wait to hear the results. Another puzzle piece to Panama’s rich and diverse history. I really like the content on your blog, I contribute to a Panama blog as well for The Resort at Isla Palenque, it’s about our learning process as we research and build on our island property in a careful and sustainable way.
    The Voices of Eco Development

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