Panama Q Facts

1. President  Martinelli has committed his administration to “massive infrastructure spending in partnership with foreign investors”.  This spending is not likely to stop anytime soon.  The Panama Canal undergoing a major $6 billion (+ or -) expansion. Panama’s strategic location benefits world of trade, along with a booming tourist and financial market, this hub of the America’s is poised well for the 21ST century.

2.  La Colorada, Azuero (dry) Peninsula is red hot for development.  Quietly this area is being bought up by a “Who Who” list.  Located near the towns of Las Tablas and Chitre which are major towns within the province of Los Santos.

3.  The province of Panama which includes Panama City has an estimated 1,603,913 inhabitants, with a total estimated population within the Republic of Panama of 3,322,576. Figures are from the 2010 Panama Census.

4. President Obama believes that the U.S. needs a new framework for trade with Panama. Thus he recognizes trade to be essential to America’s prosperity with the potential to lift up workers in the U.S., and around the world. For this to be accomplish, trade agreements need to include strong labor and environmental greening standards.

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