Panama Q Facts

1. Panama is a melting pot of races and cultures and while one can certainly see it in the people, you for sure can taste it in its food offerings.
Statistics for 2009 indicate that 12 new restaurants opened in Panama City during that year but this year 18 have opened thus far.  Each restaurant generates between 20 to 25 direct jobs.  According to industry insiders big volume restaurants may generate in one month an invoice total of about $150 to $200 thousand dollars.

If outside of the city in the West Beaches area follow the link for dining.

2.  One of the beauties of Panama is that there are many beaches close to the city.  Within one hour and a few minutes depending on your driving speed, you could be in Punta Chame, Playa Gorgona, Playa Coronado and Punta Barco on the Pacific side.  A little further West you have El Palmar, San Carlos, Rio Mar, Santa Clara, Farallón, and Rio Hato.

3.  How Pensionados Can “Work” In Panama. Pensionados or Retirees are not usually people who want to retire from a productive or an active life. They can now be active and productive but according to their own rules and timelines. For the complete article follow the link:

4.  Surfing and Diving in Santa Catalina. Known internationally for some of the finest waves off the Pacific coast, it is also a haven for divers who come from all over the world to experience some of the most spectacular diving anywhere. More of the complete article click here.

5.  Chagres National Park: Preserving the main watershed of the Panama Canal.
The park provides about 80% of the water needed for the canal’s operation and all the drinking water for Panama City. Comprised of hiking trails through elfin forests, the Park is located 40 kilometers from Panama City. For much more on Ecotourism please click here.


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