Panama: Real Estate Update

Panama weathered the recent economic crisis very well.  Its economy is estimated to grow between 5.8% and 7% this year and between 6% and 7% in 2011.  This makes it the best performing economy in Central America and one of the most vigorous in Latin America.  This is the informed opinion of various sources such as international organizations, risk qualifiers, banks, among others.

While the real estate market in Panama did contract specially in the luxury segment there are still various segments to be exploited in view of the deficit in low and mid income housing which qualifies for preferential interest.  For foreigners wishing to purchase property through a mortgage one of the requirements would be 30% to 50% of the value of the property as down payment. It would be wise to check all the banks and to actually come down and see the property and physically check its location before committing.
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One response to “Panama: Real Estate Update

  1. Panama did have some contraction in Real Estate in the high end, but it looks to be on the come back.

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