Panama Skies: More Airports and Better Connections

As part of Panama’s tourism strategy one of the things that is being done by the current administration is renovating and remodeling the airports within Panama to make travel easier. According to Civil Aeronautics Statistics there are ten national airports of which several are in the process of being remodeled such as the landing strip in Bocas del Toro´s Colon Island where flights only land in the morning as the rest of the day the airstrip is closed for improvements. Other airports in the improvement plan are El Porvenir in San Blas, the airport in Tonosí and the airport in Los Santos, among others.
The government has budgeted 40 million for improving the existing airports, including radar improvements for 10 million dollars. Currently one of the main airports in the interior of Panama is Enrique Malek in David, Chiriqui which is getting a significant overhaul. This project was recently adjudicated in a tender process to an Argentinian corporation Riva, S.A. for an amount of $27.4 million through the government´s bidding portal.

Civil Aeronautics at the same time that it announced the winning bid for the David Airport also indicated that the next tender to be opened is for the expansion of the Enrique Adolfo Jimenez Airport in the province of Colon as well as a remodel of the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport in Albrook, Panama City.

This investment in air infrastructure is teamed up with increased airplane service to these airports as local airlines are planning to open more flights to these destinations. With the announcement of this news of the bid for the David Airport, Copa Airlines mentioned that now the airport will have capacity for aircraft of more than 100 passengers. Copa Airlines are now planning to open flights to Bocas del Toro and Chiriquí which ties in neatly with the new passengers expected from Europe. Copa has been playing a role with the new direct flight from Madrid as these two are the prime destinations for European tourists, as well as those that Copa ferries in from the US and South America.
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