Another mall for Coronado: The Village

Coronado just keeps growing and growing. Recently a new mall opened next to Coronado’s oldest mini strip mall” where El Rey supermarket is. There is now competition for El Rey in the form of a brand new Super 99. All this just brings more benefits to Coronado residents who now have a choice of supermarkets.Above is the New Village Mall which is Across the street from Rey Supermarket and Bayside Center on the left of Rey.  To the right of Rey is the other new mall with the new Super 99.

Soon there will be even more of a choice when the new mall, “The Village” is opened. The project has 77 retail spaces, a central plaza, 350 parking spots, wide access roads, security on the premises and covered walkways for the shoppers. In total it has 1,500 sq. mts of commercial space which will include banks, utility company offices, supermarket, and pharmacy.

Coronado is the hub of a whole region called alternatively the “Dry Arch”, “the Gold Coast”, the Pacific Beaches, or “Coronado and the West Beaches”, as PanamaQmagazine has created a tab in our web site for this area. Whichever way you choose to call it, it encompasses the area from Punta Chame, all the way to Playa Blanca and Farallon. For these areas the supermarkets in Coronado are the closest supermarkets.

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3 responses to “Another mall for Coronado: The Village

  1. Please do not use my name just (A Lady living in Punta Barco)

    Coronado and the area welcomes more choices in shopping.

  2. Coronado appears to be ‘the place’!

  3. This area is the “Gold Coast” of Panama. Have been here for 4 years, and glad to have more choices for services.

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