Kuna Yala, paradise found

Anyone who has heard of Panama has quite likely heard of San Blas Islands or Kuna Yala. Kuna Yala is one of the three Indian reserves or “comarcas” as they are called in Panama. It is a small narrow strip of land right above Darien, edged by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

It used to be that to get to San Blas you had to take a flight from Albrook Airport because it was difficult to get there by land in the dry season but in the rainy season it was next to impossible. You may recall that the dry season runs roughly from December to April, months which coincidentally are the prime tourist months. Today as part of the ongoing infrastructure improvement the road has been graded and a new bridge built which has made driving to San Blas much easier.

San Blas has always been a closely guarded tourist spot mostly for relaxation and contemplation. It is quite different from Bocas which is a party town. In San Blas you are able to appreciate clear, tranquil, Caribbean waters on white gold sand. It is contact for nature, an unspoiled paradise. San Blas will offer the visitor uninhabited islands where you can lie on the beach and just listen to the surf and nature.

Once you are in San Blas you can snorkel and fish to your heart’s content. The waters are clear and you can see starfish, dolphins and beautiful coral reefs. The trip to San Blas itself is entertaining as you travel through miles of dense tropical jungle and in the midst of everything you will find an observation deck which allows you to see the jungle and the Caribbean sea dotted with islands. Through a travel agency a one day trip may run to approximately $110.00 dollars.
For further information on some places you can call:  http://www.panamaqmagazine.com/November%20QTakes/Kuna%20Yala,%20paradise.html


2 responses to “Kuna Yala, paradise found

  1. Great text and superior graphics and photography.

  2. Interesting information, and pictures. Will have to try the new road, for this is a wonderful area.

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