Panama: A Nature Tour

Panama in its effort to protect the immense biodiversity contained within its small geographical territory has declared a great part of its natural territory to be protected areas. There are quite diverse in nature.

According to the nomenclature in use in Panama, a “National Park” is a tract of land or body of water usually more than 100 hectares, containing representative samples with national or international relevance in which the plant and animal species, geographical sites and habitats are of special scientific, educational and recreational interest.

They must contain one or several ecosystems which have not been significantly affected by exploitation and by human encroachment.

The 17 National Parks are: Bastimentos, Golfo de Chiriquí, Metropolitano, Camino de Cruces, Soberania, Chagres, Portobelo, Cerro Hoya, Omar Torrijos aka El Copé, Barro Colorado, Sarigua, Volcan Barú, Coiba, Darien, La Amistad, Santa Fé.  For more articles on these National Parks – link to:



One response to “Panama: A Nature Tour

  1. Soberania, Chagres, and Pipeline Road in the same area are great spots for bird watching, to see all types of butterfly’s to an ever changing flowering plants. You can even hear the howler monkeys claiming their area.

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