It’s Carnival again, that crazy fun time in Panama

Carnival - Picture

Carnival - Picture

Carnival is here.  Carnival is one of the most important holidays in Panama.   Carnival this year starts on Friday, March 4th with the coronation of the Carnival queen.  Carnival in some form or other is celebrated in Panama City as well as almost every other town in the Republic of Panama. Many people leave the city for the interior, be it the beaches, El Valle, or Las Tablas and Penonome.  The best Carnival, if you are looking for a quaint party atmosphere with lots of booze, is in the interior: Las Tablas, Penonome, Chitre, Santiago, among others.



There are live music bands and the queen and her princesses appear on stage or on a float with luxurious dresses.  People drink, dance and eat on the streets. Every evening during Carnival is pretty much the same.  The floats, the dresses worn by the queens vary every day, there are fireworks and lots of music.

Carnival ends on Ash Wednesday.


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