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Eighth Annual Panama Jazz Festival Jazz 8 Jazz 8

The 8th version of the Panama Jazz Festival is back again. That time again when the streets of Panama City are flooded with the sound of poignant notes coming from multiple saxophones, pianos and trumpets.

The Jazz Festival will run from January 10th until January 15th. As usual the center stage will be Panama’s Old Quarter where Teatro Nacional and the Fundación Danilo Perez are located. It is a week long jazz fest with concerts, jazz clinics, auditions for international music scholarships, among other events.

Last year more than 22,000 people attended the event including tourists from around the world. Every year the Jazz Festival is dedicated to an outstanding jazz musician and this year it honors Vitin Paz.

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Panama Canal Daily Picture

Panama Canal Daily Picture,

Panama Canal Daily Picture,

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Panama Canal Daily Picture

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Panama Canal Daily Picture

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PanamaQ Facts. Quick bits of information about Panama

Panama City QSkyline  Copyright© 2010, Pan Am Publishing S.A., Republic of Panama1. Have you been yet? Just about everything is on the up-tick! When the global economy began sliding in 2007, Panama was one of the few places that held its own and continues to prosper. The key sign in any society is how healthy the middle class is, and here it is growing and strong. Because of that, and a government that favors growth, encourages tourism and foreign residents, Panama is reigning as one of the top destinations in the world. (For rest of this article)

2. Panama has two coast lines. 477 miles of coastline on the Caribbean, and 767 miles on the Pacific side. It is this side that “Coronado and the West Beaches” are located. This area is made up of the following towns. Punta Chame, Playa Gorgona [Nueva Gorgona], Playa Coronado, Punta Barco, El Palmar, San Carlos, Rio Mar, Santa Clara, Farallón and Rio Hato. “West Beaches” link

3. Early in the morning of December 9, 2010 transits and regular operations resumed due to historic proportions of rain. These weather conditions in Panama City and along the Canal Watershed caused mud slides and a much higher Canal water level. Ship traffic had to be suspended which required the opening of the Gatun and Madden floodgates.

4.  The Panama Canal is currently undergoing an historic expansion, due to be completed in 2014. This will double the waterway’s capacity allowing more traffic and  accommodating longer, wider ships passage through the canal.

Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is the autonomous agency of the Government of Panama in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the Panama Canal. The operation of the ACP is based on its organic law and the regulations approved by its Board of Directors.

5.  The Panamonte Inn & Spa celebrates 95 years. Since 1914 the Inn & Spa located in the cool highlands of Boquete, in the Chiriquí region, is a 45-minute drive from David. The Panamonte has hosted travelers and explorers the world over. It is honoring their birthday this year, with deluxe renovations and new amenities. This Inn is known for gracious hospitality, charm and exquisite cuisine.

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