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Panama… one of the most complex ecosystems on this earth

Fluorescent Bee

Fluorescent Bee

The Republic of Panama, uniquely situated as a bridge of land between the coasts of North and South America, has inherited one of the most complex ecosystems on this earth. Panama is an extremely beautiful and ecologically diverse country, with a large number of rain forests, cloud forests, cool mountain retreats, pristine beaches, coastlines and islands. There are tremendous opportunities for the development of ecotourism here. In an effort to protect its natural resources, Panama has set aside a huge amount of land that has been allocated for the establishment and maintenance of national parks. As a result, Panama has a total of 17 national parks, forest reserves and wild life refuges.

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The Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research and its role

Among the 10,000 species of plants found in Panama are about 1,200 varieties of orchids, 1,500 types of trees and 678 different ferns. The Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research has been studying orchid_lplants and wild life in Panama for over 80 years now and has established several major research centers there. The Institute’s research center in Isla Galeta in Colon is conducting valuable studies of mangrove habitats, coral formations and the 22 species of tropical birds found on this island. These studies assist the authorities in Panama in monitoring and preserving the Republic’s Caribbean coastline, which shelters diverse marine creatures……

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