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Q Facts Panama

Five Tidbits on Panama:

1.  Panama is the second largest free zone in the world. First is Hong Kong. Known as “The World’s International Cross Roads” due to the Canal, Panama has the largest Free Trade Zone of the Western Hemisphere.

2.  Panama has the best infrastructure in Latin America. The United States had much to do with this since it worked with Panama on building out the Canal.

Q_facts@1683.  Panama is Hurricane free, and has not had destructive earthquakes as its neighbors bordering this isthmus of beauty.

4.  Premier Hospital Medical insurance in Panama is as good as it gets. Plans can be tailored to fit most budgets. In the pages of PanamaQmagazine  you can find comparison charts.

5  Panama City has an estimated 730,000 population, with a total estimated population within the Republic of Panama of 3,200,000

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