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Wellness Medicine

Knowing and understanding your ailments and diseases, as well as identifying symptoms, are important to everyone. It eases the worry and questions you may have. Wellness medicine wants to make our health care information available to patients to increase their knowledge and understanding, therefore, enabling you, the patient, to live a healthier lifestyle.
While aging cannot be prevented, the effects can be controlled to lead that healthier lifestyle. Through attention to the care we give our bodies and our habits and activities, we can extend the quality period of our lives and may even add a few years to our lives.

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Doctor with High Tech Vision

The Republic of Panama is not just following the lead of other countries. In some fields, Panamanian physicians are charting the course for technology. One such innovative physician, Dr. Roberto Javier Vasquez, is utilizing advanced computer imaging in his international practice. With his vision, high tech has become a reality in improving diagnostic capabilities, with faster results.
Dr. Vasquez has chosen to apply technology not only to diagnostics, but to improve surgical results, as well. He states that his goal is to practice in an honest, modern way, using standardized technology so that he can better care for his patients.

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