Panama Trump Ocean Club Hotel & Casino Targets a July 2011 Opening

Panama Trump Ocean Club Hotel & Casino: photo design

According to the project’s sales and marketing director Thierry Baurez, the project had been scheduled to open in November 2010.  Unforeseen delays made it impossible do to a host of reasons. Currently the details and finishings of the Tower are being installed. In part of the construction which delayed delivery were the finishings and details in the inside of building. This in many cases can become more time consuming than planned. In addition to this there were also delays with customs of several shipments of luxury materials.

The building which has a total cost of approximately $400 million, 72 floors high and was financed mainly through the stock market where it issued bonds for a value of $220 million which are due in 2014. The costs of living in Trump Ocean Club range from $400 thousand to $1 million. The hotel side has an estimated per night cost of $300.00.

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